Highlights featuring impactful brand identity designs, engaging email marketing campaigns, and eye-catching promotional materials. Since 2020, I've led Sourpuss Clothing's email newsletter creation, managing design, copywriting, and customer segmentation strategies for optimal outreach.
Spearheading Sourpuss Clothing’s marketing campaigns, I've designed for email, social media, and landing pages, with a focus on cohesive, compelling visuals and call-to-action copy. When I absorbed the role of marketing manager in 2020, I was able to increase our email open rate by +16.5% and CTR by +2.5% during my first month utilizing user-friendly compelling campaigns with call-to-action copywriting and customer segmentation.
The progression of creating any promotional graphic begins with quick sketches and keeps in mind possible color palettes, slogans, supporting fonts and targeted launch destinations. This particular graphic promoted plush bat toys which launched in early February. Hot pinks and reds are a part of the brand’s identity which was further emphasized around Valentine’s Day campaigns.
A series of social media graphics advertising Super7 toys.
A sample of social media and landing page graphics for new product launches.
Another example of a recent marketing campaign where I crafted the campaign design for email, social media, and the front page of the website.
Sticking to Sourpuss Clothing’s dark alternative brand identity, I crafted this cohesive set of custom-designed icons in Adobe Illustrator, seamlessly aligning their Instagram account with the essence of their retail products.
I conceived and designed Sourpuss Clothing's 2022 Summer Swimsuit Release, curating the aesthetic and crafting the copy for this promotion across email, social media, and front-page designs.
Promotional postcards for Sourpuss Clothing's 2022 Summer Swimsuit Release, distributed within retail orders and handed out at events for heightened visibility.
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